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Position Name Email Phone
Principal Heacox, Julia Email 253-571-6900
Nurse Aliabadi, Laurie Email 253-571-6904
LAP Teacher Arnold, Julie Email 253-571-6884
Teacher Bowman, Melissa Email 253-571-6872
Teacher Cassel, Kathryn Email 253-571-6900
Building Para Cook, Melissa Email 253-571-6900
PE Teacher Cozine, Daniel Email 253-571-6900
C&I Coach Doyle, Auna Email 253-571-6900
Rise Para Duong, Heidi Email 253-571-6900
School Psychologist Hamilton, Shayne Email 253-571-6889
Teacher Felix, Katie Email 253-571-6867
Occupational Therapist Garner, Anna Email 253-571-5900
Teacher Grassi, Lyndsey Email 253-571-6874
Teacher Jacobs, Jayme Email 253-571-6866
Heath Room Support Johnston, Roger Email 253-571-6900
Teacher Jones, Heather Email 253-571-6873
Teacher King, Kelly Email 253-571-6863
Physical Therapist Leandro, Christine Email 253-571-6907
Teacher Lepkowski, Renee Email 253-571-6870
Teacher Maul, Chelsey Email 253-571-6883
Teacher McCormick, Janelle Email 253-571-6900
LRC Teacher McLeod, Abigail Email 253-571-6900
Teacher Menefee, Stephanie Email 253-571-6909
Teacher Miller, Megan Email  253-571-6865

Ed Support/ Beyond the Bell

Mohr, Sarah Email 253-571-6900
Office Coordinator Mondonado, Tammy Email 253-571-6888
Teacher Petersen, Blair Email 253-571-6878
Teacher Pittrof, Mark Email 253-571-6879
Teacher Rossman, Ashleigh Email 253-571-6872
Teacher Severson, Shari Email 253-571-6864
SLP Shand, Sarah Email  253-571-6905
Counselor Smith, Jill Email 253-571-6905
Teacher Sortun, Kaari Email 253-571-6900
Librarian - Friday Taylor, Britte' Email 253-571-6900
Attendance Secretary Ward, Tishelle Email 253-571-6900
Librarian  Wells, Ellen Email 253-571-6886